MEN: Golf shirts must have a collar or must be a recognized golf shirt design, e.g. mock turtle or turtle neck. Tailored trousers or shorts are required. The following are NOT permitted: rugby, sweat, and cargo pants; swimming trunks, tennis shorts; jeans or denim pants, shorts, or cut-offs.

LADIES: Sleeveless tops are permitted provided they have a collar and conversely, any top worn without a collar must have sleeves. Tank, tube, crop, and halter tops are not permitted. Conservative tailored golf skirts, shorts or pants (including cargo length) are appropriate. Short skirts or shorts are not permitted.

Soft spikes only, and no bare feet. Golf sandals are permitted.


The purpose of the dress code is to ensure that sensible, reasonable and appropriate standards are maintained at all times on Club premises. It is the responsibility of every Member to ensure that their family members and guest comply with the Dress Code at all times. A Member or guest not properly attired may be asked to leave.

Lunch: Dining Room, Verandah, Liliwood, and The Grill- casual wear is permitted. Jeans and swimming suits are not allowed. Shirts must be worn at all times.

Dinner: Smart casual attire is appropriate. Jeans are not allowed. Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt and/ or jacket when dining at the Club. Tailored shorts are acceptable. Please refer to the entertainment calendar for other dress code specifics, located in the member section. Special Note, for Wednesday dining, jackets are preferred.

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Cell phones are NOT permitted on the golf course, at the tennis courts and tennis pro shop, and at all the food service areas of the Club (i.e. West Deck, The Grill, Liliwood and Dining Room). House phones are available for members use in these areas.


The serving of alcoholic beverages in the Clubhouse and on the property of the Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club Limited shall be in compliance with the rules and regulations of ” Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario”. No member or guest shall bring or have liquor on the Club premises except for liquor that has been purchased from the Club. Persons under the age of 19 years are not permitted in any area of the Club Premises where alcoholic beverages are served, except in the dining room or patio during luncheon or dinner hours and when accompanied by an adult member.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Golf Course.

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Overnight parking is only allowed for members and their house guests in designated areas.

Overnight parking is NOT permitted in the upper parking lot. Any vehicle parked improperly may be towed at the owner’s expense.

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In season, the Club’s docks are intended for the use of its members and their guests on a daily basis. The Club provides dedicated dock personnel to assist with boat parking and to ensure the adequate allocation of available space. Overnight parking is NOT permitted except at the designated overnight dock, on a single night basis. Reservations for use of the overnight dock must be made through the Club’s office.

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